Who Will Be Best To Negotiate Brexit: May Or Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn has revealed his plan for Brexit negotiations - but who do you trust most on Brexit? We look at May and Corbyn's plans for leaving the EU.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn
Picture: PA

Theresa May Will Be Best: Quentin Letts

Columnist Quentin Letts says Theresa May's position to walk away if the deal we're being offered is not good enough puts Britain in a stronger position.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "Theresa May's party believes in Brexit and that's the difference between her and Jeremy Corbyn. The Parliamentary Labour Party and the Labour movement as a whole, doesn't really want to leave the EU. It's a bit like a tandem trying to go in two directions.

"You've got Mrs Merkel in Germany, behaving like a very truculent potato. If you're going to be negotiating with the EU, you've got to be prepared to say to these blighters 'We're not going to do a deal with you'.

"The basic difference between the two sides is that Conservatives are saying "We are prepared to walk away from the negotiating table' and I reckon that's a good way of getting a deal.

"Whereas Labour are saying 'oh no, don't worry, we will do a deal with you Europeans' and that to me suggests you'll get biffed up during the negotiations."

Jeremy Corbyn Will Be Best: Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon, the Editor in Chief of InFacts, believes that walking away from a deal with the EU would be a disaster for the UK.

He told LBC: "I am more for Corbyn than for May for exactly the opposite of what Quentin says. He thinks it's a good thing that Theresa May is threatening to crash out of the EU without any deal at all. I think that's crazy.

"It's not credible, the other side will see it's a bluff. And if we actually carry it out, it would be madness.

"All Theresa May is saying is that she'll be strong and stable and is the person to lead these negotiations. But she won't discuss the detail.

"What does no deal mean? She just shrugs it off and wants to move on. Frankly, if that's what she's threatening the EU with, she has to start to actually focus on it."