Nick To David Davis: 'Theresa May Had To Work Hard To Be This Calamitous'

30 May 2017, 09:20 | Updated: 30 May 2017, 09:52

Nick Ferrari spoke to Brexit Secretary David Davis about Theresa May's "calamitous" drop in the polls.

In some polls Theresa May's rating has dropped from 58 to 22, and Nick Ferrari quizzed Brexit Secretary David Davis about it. 

On his LBC Breakfast show, Nick asked: "The party's in trouble, you've gone down. Her rating has gone, in some polls, from 58 down to 22. You'd have had to work hard to be that calamitous."

Mr Davis replied: "That's actually higher than most prime ministerial ratings in history, but never mind. Look, polls are have been doing this long enough to know that polls get it wrong. 

"I was on your programme I think on Brexit day...and I was saying we're going to win, and the polls were saying we're going to lose. 

"And now I take the very simple view about democracy, you never, ever, take it for granted. I never ever take my constituency for granted, I never ever take the British people for granted. 

"They'll come up on the day, and they'll make a judgement. They'll say when they're casting their ballot, in 11 days after that election, then the negotiations will start, who will they send in? 

"Will they send in Theresa May, who's shown she knows how to deal with these characters, or will they send in Jeremy Corbyn, who's never negotiated a thing in his life?"

Nick then asked the Brexit Secretary about the Tories' "U-turns". 

Watch the clip to see what David Davis had to say.