Election Exit Poll Gives Conservatives Minority Government

8 June 2017, 22:00 | Updated: 8 June 2017, 23:53

The Conservatives will be the biggest party but short of a majority, the General Election exit poll claims.

If that poll holds, that means that it will be a hung parliament.

Conservatives 314     -17
Labour 266     +34
SNP 34     -22
Liberal Democrat 14     +6
Green 1     0
Ukip 0     -1


The previous two exit polls have been extremely accurate, so it remains to be seen how accurate this exit poll will be.

Iain Dale told LBC's Britain Decides: "If this exit poll holds up, the Conservatives are heading for a minority government. Indeed, it might be that they can't form a government at all.

"I got a text from a Tory cabinet minister a few moments ago. He said 'it is not plausible'."

Conservative's David Gauke told LBC: "Obviously, we would hope for a better result. For the country, what we need is a leadership and a government who can deal with the challenges that we face, most notably Brexit.

"Very clearly, I'm hoping for a better result than that."