Tim Farron Refuses To Say Whether He Thinks Homosexuality Is A Sin

2 June 2017, 09:45 | Updated: 2 June 2017, 10:09

Tim Farron refused to say whether he thinks homosexuality is a sin in a testy interview on LBC.

Brian in Highgate called LBC's Leaders Live to ask the Liberal Democrat leader about his attitude to homosexuality.

And when Mr Farron was asked whether he thinks it was a sin, he refused to give an answer.

The Lib Dem leader said: "I dealt with that weeks ago."

When Nick asked him to remind the listeners of his position, Mr Farron insisted: "Do you know what, we're not going there. My personal faith is my personal faith."

Nick enquired: "No, I'm not asking that, but is it a sin to be homosexual?"

Again, Mr Farron said: "I dealt with that weeks ago."

"Why won't you just remind my listeners," Nick asked.

Mr Farron stated: "Because to be honest with you, a person who is a leader of a political party, it's their job as someone who is passionate about LGBT rights, prove it with your actions, not by your words.

"My actions, absolutely, are 100% about defending LGBT rights. And as a party, you look what we've done, my colleague Lynne Featherstone introduced equal marriage, I'm very proud of that."

Nick tried one more time: "Just coming back to you, you won't answer the question as to whether it is a sin to be homosexual."

Mr Farron's response: "I've already answered that. I've already answered that. Let's move on."

LBC listeners were infuriated by Mr Farron's comments: