Green Party’s Bizarre Election Video Takes Aim At Other Parties

12 May 2017, 14:59 | Updated: 12 May 2017, 15:03

The Green Party have released their election video - and it’s unlike any you’ve ever seen.

“The game no one wants to play is back!”

This is how the Green Party opens its satirical take on the 2017 election.

‘The Race To Number 10: Snap Election Edition’ is the game a family of four is playing, split between red and blue teams (if you’re playing the “English edition”).

There would have been more teams if it hadn't been for "the last dodgy coalition", which means the yellows are in the bin.

The teams take turns to “spin their way to power”, getting closer to Number 10 by plastering a campaign bus with a “big fat lie”, “getting your maths wrong and costing the public millions”, and privatising the NHS.

There are pitfalls along the way though, including a ‘budget black hole’ and Brexit negotiations.

So how do you win the game? Well that’s the twist: “in this game, nobody wins.”

The unusual retro advert follows on other left-field videos the Green Party have put out in recent years, including one last April that featured 5-year-olds playing members of other political parties.

Their newest video, which carries the hashtag #ChangeTheGame, was produced by Creature of London. They say the advert took two weeks to make.

The Change The Game video will go out on TV tonight.