Nigel Farage Says Ukip Could Become “More Relevant Than Ever”

9 June 2017, 09:25

In the face of Ukip's support disintegrating, Nigel Farage says he could return to lead the party.

One of the big stories of last night's election was the disintegration of Ukip's support. With Paul Nuttall at the helm the party went from 4 million votes in 2015 to around an eighth of this in two years.

Many say this signals the death of Ukip. Nick Ferrari asked Mr Farage, 'what's the future for Ukip?'

"Fascinating. Really, really," the MEP said.

In the light of the Conservatives losing their majority, David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, said the party might lose its mandate to take the UK out of the EU single market.

"If what David Davis said comes to pass, then Ukip becomes more relevant in British politics than it's ever been," Mr Farage thinks.

"If we do not leave the single market, get back control of our fisheries, get back control of our borders, there will be a huge potential audience out there for Ukip or something like it."

He acknowledges his old party has its share of problems, but he doesn't blame its poor showing on Paul Nuttall, its current leader: "I wouldn't lay any blame on Paul whatsoever," he said.

Regardless, Ukip has clearly lost a lot of its appeal since Mr Farage left. Nick asked him whether he would ride to its rescue?

"I had no desire to be involved in the snake pit of daily politics," he said. "But if what I've worked all my adult life for was to be betrayed, I would have no choice but to throw myself back into the frontline of British politics.

"Whether it's leading or playing a prominent role is perhaps a separate question."