First Time Voter Tells Iain Why Voting Age Should Be Increased To 21

3 June 2017, 12:35 | Updated: 3 June 2017, 12:52

During LBC's first ever millennial debate, a first-time Ukip voter put forward a controversial proposal.

On Saturday morning Iain Dale hosted LBC's first ever millennial debate, featuring four young voters from across the political spectrum.

The four first-time voters, three of which were in the studio, and another over the phone, debated the hottest talking points of the election so far. 

LBC's Millennial Election Debate: Watch In Full

One caller asked the four voters about their thoughts on lowering the voting age in England to 16 - but the answer from Ukip supporter Sebastian Cheek may surprise you. 

He thinks it should be increased to 21 - meaning he wouldn't have been able to vote in this election. 

Sebastian said he thinks the vast majority of young people are not politically engaged enough, and that the four guests on Iain's show were in the minority.

He said: "There are hundreds of thousands of people in this country at our sort of age who just don't care. At 21, you're starting to get to the age--"

Iain interjected: "But for those who do, it's a bit patronising." 

Sebastian said: "Well there are people who are 15 who care, people who are 11 who care. Would you lower the age to 11? No. You need to get to a stage where there's some sort of equilibrium. 

"I would say, arbitrarily, 21 is the age."