Brexit Secretary David Davis: 'Theresa May Is A Good PM, She's Decisive'

12 June 2017, 10:02

The Brexit Secretary David Davis told Nick Ferrari Theresa May is "good Prime Minister", and leadership talk is "self indulgent".

Mr Davis, Brexit Secretary and MP for Haltemprice and Howden, spoke to Nick Ferrari following the loss of the Tory majority.

As uncertainty looms over whether Theresa May will, or should, resign following the disappointing election result, Mr Davis defended the Prime Minister. 

An interview with Andrew Marr, former Chancellor George Osborne referred to the PM as a "dead woman walking". 

Nick Ferrari asked Mr Davis: "How accurate is that description Mr Davis?"

The Brexit Secretary replied: "It's completely wrong. I frankly view as self indulgent, all this sort of leadership talk. We've been given an instruction by the British people, we've got to get on with the job.

"We've got the biggest negotiation of modern time, maybe ever, to do. The outcome will have a big, material, impact on everybody in the Kingdom, and we want to get on with it. 

"She is a good Prime Minister, the campaign didn't go great, I'm happy to recognise that fact, but she's a good Prime Minister."

Nick asked: "In what way is she a good Prime Minister?"

Mr Davis said: "Well she's decisive, she actually involves the cabinet in things."

Nick said: "She gets it wrong, Mr Davis."

Mr Davis responded: "We all have to put our hands up to that, everybody, every single member of the cabinet agreed the decision. 

"But the simple truth is, that when I've required difficult decisions to be taken, she wants all the information, she wants everybody's view, she takes it all in, and she makes a decision, she takes her time over it, but she makes a decision."