Nigel Farage: Labour Wants To Leave The EU In Name Only

25 April 2017, 20:09 | Updated: 25 April 2017, 20:35

Labour’s shadow Brexit minister has revealed the party’s position on Brexit, but Nigel Farage is less than impressed.

Sir Keir Starmer said a Labour Government would tear up the Tories’ Great Repeal Bill, guarantee the rights of EU citizens and possibly keep the UK inside the customs union.

However, speaking on his LBC show from Brussels, Nigel explained why the implications of such proposals would mean Britain pretty much stayed inside the bloc.

He said: “It it seems to me that they want to leave the European Union in name only because the effect of it wouldn't really be very different.

“Nobody could dispute that every leading player on the Leave side and the Remain side last year said if we vote to Leave, we are leaving the customs union, we are leaving the single market.”

Nigel continued: "Yet Keir Starmer today said that while access to the single market would be changed, the government should leave all options on the table.

“So he's kind of saying that maybe we can stay part of the single market with a couple of reforms. When it comes to the customs union he said it is ‘absolutely imperative’ for businesses to be able to trade a successfully after Brexit as before!”

Unconvinced, Nigel finished: “I think they want us to leave in name only and actually they'd sign us up to virtually everything.”

Watch his take on Labour in full above.