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James O'Brien - Latest Clips

James tried to explain how the country got into a situation where Brexit happened.

James O'Brien's Fire Analogy Sums Up Why Brexit Happened

6 mins ago

Labour's Deputy Leader was speaking to LBC

Tom Watson: Theresa May Had A "Difficult Job" And "Did It Badly"

2 hours ago

James O'Brien in the LBC studio

James O'Brien's Bizarre Row With Caller Over What Theresa May Should Have Done

2 hours ago

Lord Heseltine was speaking to LBC's James O'Brien.

Lord Heseltine's Withering Answer On Who He Wants As Tory Leader

3 hours ago

James O'Brien responded to Theresa May's resignation

James O'Brien's Immediate Reaction To Theresa May's Resignation

4 hours ago

James O'Brien spoke lovingly of Judith Kerr's famous book

James O'Brien's Lovely Tribute To Judith Kerr, Author Of The Tiger Who Came To Tea

1 day ago

Mystery Hour: Every Question Answered

Mystery Hour: Every Question Answered