James O'Brien takes aim at Boris Johnson's shift from 'parrot of Kremlin propaganda' to Ukraine supporter

24 February 2023, 12:48

James O'Brien is staggered by the change in attitude towards Ukraine

By Hannah Holland

James O'Brien contrasts the then-Foreign minister's 'parroting of Kremlin propaganda' with his subsequent support for Ukraine as Prime Minister.

James O'Brien went after the former Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister for his drastic change in attitude over Russia and Ukraine.

The conversation comes as the nation held a minute of silence to mark the one year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

James called out Boris Johnson for "parroting Kremlin propaganda" in 2016 by "demonising the European Union".

"Which is breathtaking, truly breathtaking", he added.

The then-Foreign Secretary was branded a "Putin apologist" when he blamed the EU for provoking Russia's attack of Ukraine back in 2014.

James highlighted the stark contrast between this stance and his attitude towards Ukraine at the beginning of the war, in which, as Prime Minister, Johnson argued he was leading the Western response to the war in sanctioning Russia and sending weapons to Ukraine.

James said: "I wonder if you can make a bigger case for Russia infiltration of British media, and the British establishment and the Conservative Party being a preparation for positive coverage or sympathy."

James then outlined that if Boris Johnson had kept the stance he had in 2016 when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 and blamed the EU, it "would've been a jackpot for Vladimir Putin".

He continued: "The idea that it could come from the mouth of someone who would shortly be prime minister is unbelievable."

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