James O’Brien brands the Tory view on migration as ‘racist’ saying they can’t solve the ‘crisis’ they’ve created

6 March 2023, 12:55

James O'Brien says the Tories have ushered in so much racism they can’t solve the migration 'crisis'

By Anna Fox

Deeming the Tories immigration policy as an ‘astonishing achievement’, which ‘everybody hates’, James believes they have ushered ‘so much racism’ they'll ‘never be able to keep half the people happy’.

The Prime Minister and Suella Braverman are expected to unveil fresh legislation this week which will prevent all asylum claims from those who travel to the UK on small boats, in anticipation of an expected surge in migrant arrivals.

If implemented the new legislation, those that attempt to reach the UK via the Channel will be removed to a third country such as Rwanda and will be banned from returning.

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The proposed legislation marks a U-turn from the current legislation, which grants all asylum seekers the right to remain in the country and to have their case heard.

Acknowledging the backlash that the legislation has evoked, James O'Brien said, “that's an astonishing achievement, to have created a policy that everybody hates from the idealistic dreamers right through to the rancid racists”.

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Rishi Sunak prioritised halting the flow of migrant boats crossing the channel as one of his top five priorities as Prime Minister, after 45,756 people embarked on the voyage last year alone.

Home Secretary, Suella Braverman stoked the debate on the migrant crisis further when referring to the number of migrant arrivals on the south coast as an “invasion”.

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Brandishing the discourse around the policy as “racist”, James questioned: “Have we gone so far as a nation down that route, that actually it's become an albatross around the neck of Tory government?”.

Continuing, James stated, “Is there now so much racism in the immigration debate that the Tories will never be able to keep even half the people happy, half of the time”.

Discussion around immigration policy falls as Channel crossings are anticipated to surge, with spring and warmer weather welcoming a peak in journeys.

James argues that the Conservatives have “allowed so much racism into the debate that they can't actually solve the problem they've created” despite the Prime Minister's attempts to rectify the migrant crossings.