Two callers went head-to-head following a spike in migrants crossing the Channel in boats

Caller Rages Down Phone In Clash Over Migrants Crossing The Channel

17 days ago

Nigel Farage demands action to stop migrants illegally crossing Channel

Nigel Farage Demands Action To Stop Rise In Migrants Entering UK By Boat

18 days ago

Nigel Farage: Is Trump's separation policy worst than the European migrant crisis?

What's Worse: European Migrant Crisis Or Trump's Separation Policy?

5 months ago

Jason Isaacs in the LBC studio

Jason Isaacs Urges Critics To Meet And Spend Time With Refugees

5 months ago

Nigel Farage

Farage’s Message To Those Who Criticised His Stance On Child Refugees

8 months ago

Syrian refugee

Syrian Refugee Opens Up About Moment He Was Allowed Into Britain

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Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage Shoots Down Claim He Has Put UK In “Weak” Position

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