James Perfectly Responds To Caller Who Cites “Political Correctness” During Debate

4 September 2017, 13:34 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 14:21

When this call from Northwood said John Lewis’ gender neutral labelling was “bowing to political correctness” - James O’Brien had the perfect response waiting.

Paul sells school uniform and told the LBC presenter he was “concerned” that the department store was no longer going to use “boys” and “girls” labels on children’s clothing.

John Lewis says it does not want “reinforced gender stereotypes” and will become the first high street retailer to scrap gendered labels.

Paul, however, said the move was unnecessary, describing it as John Lewis “jumping on a bandwagon”.

He added there was a “danger” it could eventually lead to Brits not being about to “refer to boys and girls separately”.

The caller tried to dismiss the idea as political correctness gone too far, but when James asked him what that actually meant by that, well, Paul didn’t really have an answer.

Watch James brilliantly handle the debate in the clip at the top of this page.