'I know because I train lorry drivers': Callers clash on layout of mini-roundabouts

20 May 2021, 15:26

Two callers clash over the layout of mini roundabouts

By Tim Dodd

This is what happened when two callers clashed over the layout of mini-roundabouts on The Mystery Hour with James O'Brien.

The question came from Rachel from Cirencester: "If four cars arrive at a mini-roundabout simultaneously, who has right of way?"

James said: "I'm not sure how you got through?... The only rule on the programme ever is that I don't like motoring questions."

Jerry from Chingford called in to correct the previous driving instructor who called, saying "he had 10 years experience, I've got 17".

The mini roundabout question which sparked debate amongst instructors

"He gave you wrong information. He said everybody has right of way. Now for starters, there's no such thing as right of way, it's who has 'priority'.

"Number two, he said everybody had right of way - it's the complete opposite - nobody has right of way. You're giving way to the car on your right, so car on the right has priority, the car on their right has priority, and the car on their right - so nobody has priority."

James remarked: "This is philosophy now, because everybody has priority and nobody has priority."

Jerry continued: "You can't say everybody has priority or you'll all drive in together if you all think you have priority. You wait for a moment and see what the others are going to do."

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James then brought in Robert from Harlow. Robert began: "He's made me fuming.

"If you look at the road markings on each of the four entrances to the roundabout, three of them will be double dashed lines, one of them will be two solid lines.

"Whoever has the two singles has priority, which normally runs with the main road that's running that way."

Jerry came back and insisted that mini-roundabouts always have the same markings.

Robert continued to insist that one will have double solid white lines.

"I know because I train lorry drivers," Robert claimed.