Michael Gove Gets His Numbers Hopelessly Wrong On Tory Manifesto

18 May 2017, 09:41 | Updated: 18 May 2017, 12:03

In this interview with Nick Ferrari, Conservative Michael Gove hopelessly messes up his numbers, not once, but twice.

The LBC Breakfast Presenter quizzed the former Secretary of State for Education about some numbers from the Tory manifesto.

Nick asked: "How much if I wish, if I seek to employ someone who is not born in the UK, how much is it going to cost me?"

Mr Gove replied: "I think that at the moment the current figure is going to be double, I'm just looking at my notes here, I don't have the exact figure of what it costs at the moment."

Nick said: "Mr Gove, you're lecturing me about the benefits of increasing the charge, and you don't know what the charge is?"

The prospective MP for Surrey Heath responded: "I think it's £2,000 a year."

Nick asked: "It's £2,000 currently is it?"

Mr Gove said: "Yes I think that's right."

Nick said: "So it will go to £4,000?"

Mr Gove said: "Yes I think that's right." 

Nick added: "What will the impact be on the NHS?

"I think that the NHS benefits from having more people who are trained in this country, who can provide the care and support people need. 

"It's already the case that the NHS benefits from people from outside the UK who've come here in the past, and of course we want to make sure we have the very, very best care.

"But it's also important that we ensure that the NHS is supported and enhanced by having people who have been trained in this country. More doctors, and more nurses, who are UK born and who can contribute to ensuring that the NHS remains a source of pride for all."

Nick then asked Mr Gove about the immigration figures promised by the Tories, which would see immigration reduced to the tens of thousands. 

But this was also a manifesto promise from the 2010 Conservative manifesto, which never materialised. 

Nick said: "Why on earth should they believe you this time?"

Mr Gove answered: "I think because we're going to be outside the European Union."

Nick asked the politician about the figures are for non-EU figures.

Mr Gove said: "It's over 200,000."

Nick interjected: "No it's not it's under. It's 169,000. And while we're doing sums I have to tell you that I understand that the fee, the charge which is paid, is £1,000, not £2,000."

Mr Gove responded: "In which case it's doubling from £1,000 to £2,000, I beg your pardon."

Nick said: "You're not very well prepared by your standards, Mr Gove."

The politician replied: "Well I didn't have a role in writing the manifesto. I'm here to outline the principles behind it and I think the principles are right." 

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