Shadow Minister Admits Immigration Will “Sometimes Go Up” Under Labour

17 May 2017, 12:56 | Updated: 17 May 2017, 14:21

Labour’s Barry Gardiner has told LBC that immigration will “sometimes go up” if the party is successful in winning the General Election.

The Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade was taking calls from LBC listeners when he was asked to clarify the party’s stance on freedom of movement.

Mr Gardiner said Jeremy Corbyn had been clear with his immigration vision, before admitting, under Labour sometimes the numbers coming to Britain would “sometimes go up”.

He noted that over the coming years, new immigration procedures would be negotiated as part of Britain’s Brexit package with the European Union.

When asked specifically whether that meant a fall in the number of people coming to Britain, Mr Gardiner responded: “We will always put the needs of our economy, your job is on the line here, we will always put the needs of the economy first.

“What that will mean is that sometimes immigration will go down, and sometimes it will go up.”

Mr Gardiner joined Shelagh Fogarty as part of LBC's Election Call, which included Ed Davey of the Liberal Democrats on Monday and features Heidi Allen of the Conservatives and Ukip's Peter Whittle on Friday.