Why Is Theresa May Surging In The Polls? Nigel Thinks He Has The Answer

15 May 2017, 21:02 | Updated: 18 November 2019, 11:36

Nigel Farage believes a new poll that shows two-thirds of Brits now support Brexit is the reason Theresa May is seeing a surge in ratings.

The YouGov data revealed just 22 per cent of those who backed Remain in June’s referendum still wanted Britain to stay within the EU.

Nigel pointed out this could be the reason the Prime Minister has a substantial lead in the polls, whereas the Lib Dems, who are backing a second referendum on the Brexit deal, may not be seeing the rival as was predicted.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel pondered: “I wonder whether that perhaps explains what's happening thus far in this election.

“Theresa May is potentially pitching her message to 68 percent of the population, whereas the Lib Dems, who we were told would bounce in the polls and would have a really big campaign, are actually aiming at only one in five voters.

“I wonder whether this fundamental change of opinion explains what is going on today.”

Watch the video above and see if you agree with Nigel.