Watch James O'Brien's Reaction To Theresa May Saying Brexit Is An "Opportunity"

3 May 2019, 16:30

James O'Brien's reaction when Theo Usherwood played him Theresa May's response to Tory losses in the local elections.

Theo Usherwood joined James in the studio to discuss Theresa May's response to major Conservative losses in the local elections.

As of 4pm, the Tories had lost 903 council seats, with most seats being conceded to the Liberal Democrats. Labour and the Conservatives are predicted to both have 28% of the vote share.

At the Welsh Tory party conference, the Prime Minister said that the local election results demonstrate that people want politicians to get on with Brexit.

Both James and Theo were unimpressed with the Prime Minister's predictable response, with James saying: "She's still doing it, unbelievable".

Theo said: "All the greatest hits, delivering on the will of the British people, everything just over and over again".

James O&squot;Brien reacts to Theresa May saying Brexit is an "opportunity"
James O'Brien reacts to Theresa May saying Brexit is an "opportunity". Picture: PA

James and Theo also talked about Mrs May's heckling at the Welsh Conservative Conference in Llangollen. The heckler, who's been named as Stuart Davies, is a Tory party member.

Theo thought it was serious: "That's a Conservative Welsh reception, a Conservative party member has stood up and told the Prime Minister to resign because they don't want her."

James was less convinced and said "To be fair, it didn't get a lot of traction in the room, it wasn't like the whole hall joined in."