Shock Poll Says Britain Could Be Heading For Hung Parliament

31 May 2017, 07:10 | Updated: 31 May 2017, 07:26

Theresa May

A new poll is suggesting the Conservatives could lose their majority at next week's General Election, leaving the UK with a hung parliament.

The YouGov analysis for The Times indicates Theresa May could lose 20 seats, while Labour may gain 28.

That would leave the Conservatives with 310 seats, 16 short of the number needed for a majority.

With the Lib Dems gaining only one seat and the SNP maintaining their stronghold, that would leave the parties desperately trying to gain support for a coalition government.

However, the YouGov projection allows for big variations, indicating the Tories could get 345 seats on a good night, or as few as 274 seats on a bad night.

The model is based on 50,000 interviews, which YouGov says allows them to assess the intention of every type of voter, from where they live to how they voted in the EU referendum, their age and social background, to weight the results.

Ben Page rom rival polling firm Ipsos Mori told LBC: "At the moment, Labour is facing an uphill struggle in terms of economic competence and in terms of leadership.

"Yes, Jeremy Corbyn has gained ground during this campaign. But the problem that Labour are facing is that although they have gained some ground in the polls, their voters are softer and less certain than the Conservative voters."