PM On Gove's Ringtone: "It Wasn't That Hip-Hoppy"

LBC Studio

Tuesday 27th January 2015

David Cameron told LBC that Michael Gove's Beyoncé ringtone sounded like it was from a "chillax playlist on Spotify".

Reports last week suggested that the Prime Minister was angry when the chief whip's ringtone went off during a cabinet meeting.

Nick Ferrari played him three Beyoncé tracks in a bid to find out which one it was - Irreplaceable, Crazy In Love and Single Ladies.

But Mr Cameron said: "I don't think it was any of those.

"My memory is it sounded like something from the chillax playlist on Spotify.

"That's all a bit, sort of, hip-hoppy and I don't think it was that.

"It didn't last very long. We weren't playing Beat The Intro, we were trying to have cabinet meeting."