Boris Johnson Launches Blistering Attack On Jeremy Corbyn

17 July 2019, 20:50

Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson said Jeremy Corbyn supported "Hamas, and Hezbollah and the IRA" before attacking his economic programs.

Speaking to a packed Conservative leadership hustings Mr Johnson said: "He has an allotment, he has a string vest, he has a collection of unsavoury views about all sorts of subjects."

He said he was talking about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Mr Johnson said: "It's not just that he supports Hamas, and Hezbollah and the IRA. And he backs the mullahs of Tehran over our allies in the United States."

The Tory leadership hopeful then launched an attack on the Labour leader's economic program. He said it would be "absolutely catastrophic for this country."

He said: "He would put up taxes, he would put up taxes on inheritance, on pensions, corporation tax up to the highest in Europe."

Watch the whole speech in the video at the top of the page or click here to watch the whole Conservative leadership hustings.