Labour Activist: NEC Failed On Antisemitism

27 September 2016, 17:12 | Updated: 27 September 2016, 17:30

Mike Katz

Jewish Labour activist Mike Katz says that the Labour’s National Executive Committee has not done enough to tackle antisemitism in the party.

Katz told LBC’s Shelagh Fogarty that it is imperative that the committee continues to root out anti-Semitism among Labour party members. A number of Jewish Labour MPs have been subjected to abuse by members of their own party.

“This is very very serious and there's been a very damaging.What I'd certainly like to observe is both a kind of moral imperative and a political imperative to make sure that we show in minority communities across the country, not just the Jewish community but all communities, that we take it seriously.”

Katz was heckled from the floor of the Labour conference but he shrugged this off. “I didn't actually hear the heckles and one's going to stop me speaking. What I did hear and what did stop me speaking was the not one but two standing ovations including the platform. Not because I'm a fantastic speaker because everybody wanted to show solidarity.”

He aisles welcomed the recommendation in the report into antisemitism in the Labour party saying, “It was going to be a long a thesis on how antisemitism on the left has developed over the years but there are some practical steps and some actual drafted rule changes that could be put into practice.”