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A child using a laptop

Extremist views widespread in England’s classrooms, say teachers

A roboworm

Scientists develop stretchy robot worms

Pro-Russian trolls have been using reader comments to wield influence, according to researchers

Western news websites 'infiltrated' by pro-Russian trolls - researchers

Person on a laptop

Influence operation by pro-Russian trolls ‘infiltrate comments on UK news sites’


Apple delays launch of child abuse detection tools


GCHQ uses social media in place of ‘tap on the shoulder’ to recruit cyber spies

Social media apps on a smartphone

Social media firms ‘not trusted to combat online abuse’

Virgin Galactic crew with Richard Branson

Branson’s Virgin Galactic grounded pending probe into deviation from airspace

Russia Navalny

Apple and Google under pressure from Russia to remove Alexei Navalny’s app

An iPhone displaying a WhatsApp logo

WhatsApp fined 225 million euro by Irish data protection commissioner

Technology stock

Apple loosens App Store rules allowing developers to link to external websites

Child using a smartphone

Code to protect children’s data and privacy online comes into full effect

Child using a laptop

What are the standards designed to protect children’s data and privacy online?

Technology Stock

Twitter unveils Safety Mode to temporarily block abuse

A Tesla electric vehicle emblem

US government asks Tesla for detailed information about how Autopilot works

Facebook protest

Protesters march on Facebook’s London office over nipple images

A person walks past a Google sign

Google appeals against £429m French fine in copyright payment dispute

A young girl uses the TikTok app on a smartphone

TikTok rolls out new online safety advice for parents