Black Cabbie's Bruising Message To Sadiq Khan Over Violent Crime

7 June 2018, 13:53

This London taxi driver had a bruising message for Sadiq Khan about the current spike of violent crime sweeping across London.

Lee in Paddington accused the Mayor of London of being “more interested in photo opportunities” than working to reduce crime in the capital.

Knife and gun violence has shot up in London in recent months, with moped gangs also in the spotlight.

On Thursday, Mr Khan told LBC he did take responsibility but blamed government cuts and warned 6,000 more officers were needed in the capital.

A London taxi driver ripped into Sadiq Khan's handling of violent crime
A London taxi driver ripped into Sadiq Khan's handling of violent crime. Picture: PA/LBC

Speaking to Ian Collins last night - this taxi driver certainly did not hold back with his criticisms of the mayor.

He boomed: “The mayor we’ve got is so weak because he’s more interested in photo opportunities than doing anything about it.

“He’s got the power, look at what the Mayor of New York did when he wanted to clean up New York.

“If you want to play games, we’re going to start giving you some severe sentences, once you do the first four or five - watch their mum and dad’s cry.”

Lee added there were certain areas in London where black cabbies won’t travel because they simply aren’t safe.

“I keep my doors and windows locked 24/7 because I am not going to be a victim.” he said.

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