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LBC quizzes the candidates for London Mayor

LBC quizzes candidates for Mayor of London

2 months ago

Lib Dem Luisa Porritt wants to open up more housing in London

Lib Dem Mayoral candidate: London needs more homes to bring down cost of rent

2 months ago

Sadiq Khan clashed with Shaun Bailey on a live debate with Swarbrick on Sunday

Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey clash over how to make London greener

2 months ago

Sources close to Sadiq Khan said he was willing to consider legalising cannabis.

PM rebuffs Sadiq Khan's plans to look into legalising cannabis in London

3 months ago

Laurence Fox has announced he is running to be Mayor of London

Laurence Fox to run for London Mayor to lift lockdown 'immediately'

4 months ago

Sadiq Khan says City Hall will move to London's East End

City Hall to move to London’s East End, Sadiq Khan confirms

8 months ago