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LBC quizzes the candidates for London Mayor

LBC quizzes candidates for Mayor of London

6 days ago

Lib Dem Luisa Porritt wants to open up more housing in London

Lib Dem Mayoral candidate: London needs more homes to bring down cost of rent

9 days ago

Sadiq Khan clashed with Shaun Bailey on a live debate with Swarbrick on Sunday

Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey clash over how to make London greener

16 days ago

Sources close to Sadiq Khan said he was willing to consider legalising cannabis.

PM rebuffs Sadiq Khan's plans to look into legalising cannabis in London

1 month ago

Laurence Fox has announced he is running to be Mayor of London

Laurence Fox to run for London Mayor to lift lockdown 'immediately'

2 months ago

Sadiq Khan says City Hall will move to London's East End

City Hall to move to London’s East End, Sadiq Khan confirms

6 months ago