Brexit Latest: What Is Happening With Brexit This Week?

9 May 2019, 17:04

Theresa May buys time and cross-party talks continue... LBC's Theo Usherwood has been looking at the latest Brexit updates.

After losing more than 1,000 Conservative councillors at last week's local elections, the Prime Minister has managed to stave off the latest bid to topple her... for now.

Facing growing calls to set out a clearer timetable of her departure from No. 10, Mrs May will now meet with the powerful 1922 Committee next week.

There are reports the PM could also bring back her Brexit deal for a second reading in the House of Commons.

Theresa May
The Prime Minister is hold cross-party talks with Labour. Picture: PA

But, Downing Street has said it would only be prepared to do that if it was confident it could command a majority.

For that to happen, a deal with the Labour Party would need to be struck - however, hasn't been a break through in cross-party talks so far.

So for now, we are left in a holding pattern until either a deal can be secured, or Conservative MPs summon up the courage to topple Mrs May.