Brexit Votes: All Of The Results And What It Means For Britain's EU Exit

27 February 2019, 16:48 | Updated: 27 February 2019, 20:15

MPs will vote on a number of Brexit amendments tonight
MPs will vote on a number of Brexit amendments tonight. Picture: PA

There were more votes in Parliament this evening setting out the next steps of Brexit. Here’s what MPs voted on and what it might mean for Britain’s exit from the EU.

What was happening tonight?

Theresa May laid a motion after she failed to bring her deal back for another “meaningful vote”.

She promised to put a revised deal to a vote by 12th March after MPs overwhelmingly rejected it last month, calling for changes to the backstop.

The motion explained the Prime Minister’s latest commitments to hold votes on a no-deal Brexit or delay Britain’s exit from the EU if her deal is voted down again.

Although the motion itself was pretty meaningless, it did give MPs the opportunity to put forward their own amendments to try and shape the Brexit process.

Which amendments will MPs vote on?

In total, 12 amendments were put forward by MPs from all parties, with five chosen by the Speaker John Bercow.

These are the amendments which were put to MPs.

- Jeremy Corbyn’s amendment calling for the Government to adopt Labour's alternative Brexit plan, including a permanent customs union with the EU.

*MPs voted against this amendment: 323 to 240*

- Ian Blackford’s amendment which disapproves of leaving the EU without a deal, regardless of any exit date.

*MPs voted against this amendment: 324 to 288*

- Dame Caroline Spelman’s amendment providing MPs the opportunity to debate and vote on creating a legal mechanism to extending Article 50. *Was not voted on by MPs*

- Alberto Costa’s amendment to safeguard EU citizens' rights after a no-deal Brexit. *Amendment accepted without a vote*

- Yvette Cooper’s amendment reiterating the commitments made by the Prime Minister on Tuesday; votes on a no-deal Brexit or extending Brexit if her deal is rejected.

*MPs accepted this amendment: 502 to 20*

An amendment tabled by Anna Soubry of the new Independent Group calling of a second referendum was not selected.

How Brexit could pan out in the lead up to exit day on March 29th
How Brexit could pan out in the lead up to exit day on March 29th. Picture: LBC

What time did the votes take place?

MPs began debating the amendments at 1pm this afternoon.

Voting started at 7pm and was concluded before 8pm.

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