'Jo Swinson can be Prime Minister, we can stop Brexit,' says Sir Ed Davey

30 October 2019, 08:47

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Sir Ed Davey has said he thinks his party can win the election and that Jo Swinson can become Prime Minister.

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari Sir Ed said he thought Jo Swinson will win "more and more" votes, especially when compared to "Boris Johnson, who clearly can't be trusted on anything," and "the calamitous Jeremy Corbyn."

The Lib Dem MP was speaking as parties in Westminster prepare for a General Election on December 13th after MPs voted 483 to 20 to support Mr Johnson in his bid to take the country to the polls before Christmas.

While Mr Johnson's Conservative Party is hailing itself as the only party who will be able to get Brexit done, Jo Swinson's Lib Dem's will be the only party who promise to cancel Article 50 and stop Brexit.

He said the party would be looking at putting extra resources into seats that "voted Remain," but the party would be fighting in some Leave seats too.

Sir Ed thinks Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson could become Prime Mister
Sir Ed thinks Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson could become Prime Mister. Picture: PA

London and the South East will be big targets for the party, alongside cities such as Liverpool and other Northern areas which voted Remain.

Sir Ed said the Lib Dems would be the "only UK wide party" with a "stop Brexit message."

The Deputy party leader said he predicted big gains in "London and the South-East" which will cause problems for the Conservatives with the Lib Dems taking seats from them the chances of the Tories winning a majority are "much less."

"Liberal Democrats can win this, Jo Swinson can be Prime Minister, we can stop Brexit," Sir Ed said.

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