Is May Giving The NHS More Than It Asked For?

21 October 2016, 13:15 | Updated: 31 October 2016, 13:00

Theresa May claimed she was is giving the NHS £10 billion - more than it had previously asked for. Is this right?

LBC fact checked this claim by the PM, with the help of Full Fact.

“The Government’s £10 billion commitment to the NHS isn’t all of what the NHS asked for, And it isn’t as generous as it sounds.”

“Health spending as a whole is only going up by £4.5 billion above inflation over this parliament.”

“A few years ago, the NHS did say it needed a minimum of £8 billion extra over this parliament to cope with additional costs because the population is getting older and is getting bigger. That also relies on the NHS finding another £22 billion in efficiency savings.”

“Theresa May says the Government is putting in £10 billion extra rather than £8 billion // But the government’s commitment includes spending that’s already happened, which isn’t covered by what the NHS asked for.”

“So the government is really putting in an extra £8 billion over this parliament. That was confirmed by NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens this week”

“Even then this doesn’t go as far as what the NHS asked for, The NHS said for the £8 billion to be enough it also needs to see commitments to social care, prevention and public health.”

“But the Government’s commitment refers only to the budget of NHS England which DOESN’T cover areas like public health where spending is expected to fall overall. Meanwhile spending on social care is expected to fall short of what is needed.”

“TOTAL health spending in England will only rise by £4.5 billion over the same period, taking price inflation into account."

With thanks to Full Fact. Read their full fact check here.