Tonight with Andrew Marr 13/06 | Watch again

13 June 2024, 19:11

By William Tyrrell

You can watch Thursday's Tonight with Andrew Marr in full here.

Tonight with Andrew Marr 13/06 | Watch again

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Andrew Marr was joined by:

  • Sir Keir Starmer- Labour Party Leader
  • Natasha Clark - LBC's Political Editor
  • Patrick Diamond - Co-author of the 2005 and 2010 manifestos and former advisor to Tony Blair
  • Paul Johnson - Director of the IfS
  • Charlotte Charles - Mother of Harry Dunn
  • David Davis - Former Chairman of the Conservative Party and Former Brexit Secretary
  • Amara-Sophia Elah - LBC's Correspondent in Birmingham Ladywood
  • Phil Collins - Former Chief Speech Writer to Tony Blair and Editor of The Draft
  • Camilla Turner - Political Editor of the Sunday Telegraph

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