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Clive Bull

Caller Worried About Overcrowding... Despite Having NINE Children

Ages ago

Andrew Gwynne Clive Bull

Labour MP Comes Unstuck Over Immigration Policy

Ages ago

Climate Change

Jeremy Corbyn's Brother: "Trump's Views On Climate Change Are Excellent"

Ages ago

Clive Bull EU Flag

This Is How You Could Keep EU Citizenship After Brexit

Ages ago

Clive Bull Pension

"Oh Dear!": Labour Spokesman Can't Give Clive A Straight Answer

Ages ago

Clive Bull Gina Miller

On The Spot: The Woman Behind Brexit Court Case

Ages ago

Clive Bull confused

Shadow Transport Secretary Refuses To Have View On Heathrow

Ages ago

Tony Robinson

Listen To Tony Robinson's Passionate Case For Archaeology

Christian Holliday Guildford councillor

LISTEN: Councillor Tells Clive Bull EU Treason Petition "Isn't Bonkers"

Clive Bull Brexit Farmers

Farmer Says: “Brexit Could See British Fruit And Veg Shortage”

Clive Bull Pregnant

Should Pregnant Women Bring Passports To Hospital? Clive Says Yes

Ages ago

Clive Bull Angry

Top Tory Remain MP Gets Fed Up Of Clive's Brexit Questions

Ages ago

Clive Bull Fruit Pick

Caller Insists Brits Will Take Low Pay Jobs When EU Workers Leave

Ages ago

Clive Bull Laughing

Caller Is VERY Worried About Technology

Ages ago

Clive Bull LBC

"Oh Please!" Farage Shoots Down PM's Claim To Be Eurosceptic

Ages ago

Sian Berry

Green Mayoral Candidate On How To Fix London Housing

Ages ago

Complaint keyboard

Consumer Rights

Neighbour troubles

Housing and Neighbour Problems