'Shut the f*** up': Alec Baldwin clashes with pro-Palestine protesters in New York

19 December 2023, 12:43

Alec Baldwin was filmed in a confrontation with pro-Palestine protesters.
Alec Baldwin was filmed in a confrontation with pro-Palestine protesters. Picture: Twitter/X @JesseJHamilton

By Ana Truesdale

Alec Baldwin clashed with Pro-Palestine protesters as he walked past a demonstration in New York on Monday.

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Alec Baldwin was angrily confronted by pro-Palestine protesters at a demonstration on Monday.

He told one demonstrator to "shut the f*** up" as he was escorted away by police.

The actor was walking past the pro-Palestine demonstration when some protesters recognised him and began accusing him of supporting Israel.

"I support peace for Gaza", he told the protesters but reportedly did not answer questions about whether or not he condemned Israel.

One demonstrator responded: "Shut your f*****g mouth, you have no f*****g shame!"

The actor was filmed telling a protester "You've already got your mind made up," before yelling "You ask stupid questions. Ask me a smart question!"

NYPD officers escorted the actor away as the mob continued to berate him.

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A source close to the actor told The Messenger: "Alec was on his way to volunteer to teach an acting class. He had no intention of going to the protest and was not involved in any way.

"He was approached aggressively and repeatedly. The police stepped in to avoid further confrontation so he could make his way to the class safely."