Angry Brexiter Tells David Lammy Parliament Needs "Clearing Out"

19 July 2019, 11:39

Watch the moment one listener called David Lammy to tell him he was out of a job, oddly she also demanded he "sit up straight"

Anne called in to tell David Lammy she was "speechless" over his position on Boris Johnson. She said David should take a "good look at yourselves."

Oddly, she also said: "You should stand up straight," and told the MP he was "so bad."

David told the caller he was "just slouching" but at her rebuke he found his "back straightening."

Anne said he "should sit up straight" and he "recognise that you're in the wrong."

She said he should "carry out the mandate" given to him by the country three years ago.

When David asked "what was that mandate?" The caller said "to leave the European Union."

Anne said she knew what she was voting for in the EU referendum, that she was voting for "the freedoms."

She said "once we're free" we can "do what we like." But, she said she had no confidence in Parliament.

"We've got no faith in our democracy, any longer. Because of you terrible people," she said.

She told the MP that she would be more polite than US President Donald Trump, but that Parliament needs "clearing out."

When David asked who she wanted in Parliament she said "people who will truly abide by the people's wishes."

When Anne said she was a paid up member of the Brexit Party. Adding MPs were "going to find yourself out of a job."

Watch the whole furious exchange in the video at the top of the page.