Pro-Brexit Protesters Accuse Anna Soubry Of Being "On The Side Of Hitler"

20 December 2018, 14:22

Anna Soubry was verbally abused outside Parliament on Wednesday
Anna Soubry was verbally abused outside Parliament on Wednesday. Picture: Twitter

Pro-Remain MP Anna Soubry was surrounded by pro-Brexit protesters who branded her a “traitor” and being on “the side of Hitler”.

Video of the incident has been condemned on social media which was filmed outside Parliament on Wednesday.

It shows two men wearing yellow high-visibility jackets jeering her as she was escorted by police.

One man shouted at her “you’re a disgrace to the people of the country”.

While being confronted about her call for a so-called People’s Vote, the man added: “Traitors like you were told what the people felt”.

Another man yelled: “You’re on the side of Adolf Hitler!”

Following the event, Ms Soubry spoke out about the abuse of social media.

“Would like to thank the two police officers who were very kind and also had to put up with abuse,” she wrote.