Driver Deliberately Blocks Lane On Motorway To Stop Hundreds Getting Past

17 January 2018, 10:35

A driver blocked hundreds of cars from getting past by deliberately blocking a lane on a motorway.

The outside lane of the M62 had been closed outside Huddersfield, but had just been reopened.

The driver of the silver Kia didn't know the red cross had been removed and was livid at drivers speeding past him.

So he pulled into the "fast lane" and brought his car to a halt, stopping hundreds of cars from getting past.

Despite pleas from a number of different drivers behind him who got out of their cars to protest, he kept up his personal road block for around five minutes before finally relenting and moving into the middle lane.

Driver holds his own one-man roadblock on the M62
Driver holds his own one-man roadblock on the M62. Picture: YouTube / DanUK1984

Dan, who caught the incident on his dashcam, revealed: "This old guy in front and his friend in the silver Ford decided to hold up hundreds of other road users because they missed the gantry signs changing from 'lane closed' to lane open 40mph.

"No amount of pleading and reasoning with either of them would get them to move over until they finally saw the next gantry sign."