The amazing causes we've helped from Global Make Some Noise's Emergency Appeal

29 July 2020, 07:07 | Updated: 29 July 2020, 07:09

Global's Make Some Noise is giving out grants from its emergency appeal
Global's Make Some Noise is giving out grants from its emergency appeal. Picture: Global's Make Some Noise

These are some of the amazing causes that LBC's charity Global's Make Some Noise has helped thanks to your donations to its emergency appeal.

The Emergency Appeal from Make Some Noise launched last month and has raised over £1.7 million so far to help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities.

Small charities across the UK are set to benefit from grants of £15,000 up to £25,000 to support their work over the next few months.

This emergency funding will go to charities that are providing vital support to help those experiencing grief, poverty, domestic abuse, loneliness, illness and mental health problems, as well as carers and care workers.

The Alexander Devine Children's Hospice is one of the charities we're helping
The Alexander Devine Children's Hospice is one of the charities we're helping. Picture: Alexander Devine Children's Hospice

Make Some Noise is helping to fund 32 roles including nurses, carers, support workers, counsellors and mental health practitioners.

- £140,000 will go to charities addressing extreme poverty. This funding will reach those in crisis, including homeless people and families who are already facing or at serious risk of financial hardship. This includes those in need of food, other basic essentials and shelter.

- £130,000 will go to charities working in the care sector to support hospices and fund nurses and other essential roles, as well as PPE and vital equipment.

- £95,000 will go to mental health projects, including a new mental health fund for care workers adversely affected by their work on the frontline, as well as a helpline to provide counselling and emotional support to BAME communities.

- £60,000 will go to charities supporting those affected by domestic abuse. This includes a new 6-bed refuge to provide safe accommodation for victims fleeing abuse.

Some of the projects we were able to help thanks to your generosity
Some of the projects we're able to help thanks to your generosity. Picture: Global's Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise will also be providing grants to charities working to reduce loneliness, including funding for a helpline for those over 75 who are living on their own, and charities providing ongoing bereavement support to those who have lost loved ones during the pandemic.

Further funding will be distributed in the coming months as Make Some Noise works with small charities to address the greatest needs in our communities.

Dominic McDonough, Fundraising and Events Manager at If U Care Share, a suicide prevention charity based in the North East that’s benefitting from funding, said: “This money really will save lives. In the months and years ahead, there will be people here who may not have been here without the support that we offer, and we couldn’t do it without Make Some Noise”.

All of this would not be possible without the incredible generosity of [insert brand’s] listeners and listeners across Global. We have been amazed by the sense of solidarity and community spirit of people coming together to help their neighbours and complete strangers who are struggling to cope during this crisis.

The Emergency Appeal is not over. This funding will provide some stability to small charities over the next few months, but we need to keep raising money so they can continue supporting people who need their help, urgently, throughout this pandemic and beyond. Find out more at

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