Bradley Wiggins Has Taken Up Rowing, With Olympic Ambition

19 November 2017, 12:07 | Updated: 19 November 2017, 12:24

Britain's most decorated Olympian speaks exclusively to LBC's Bev Turner about his transition from cycling to rowing.

Bradley Wiggins will make his competitive rowing debut in December at the British Indoor Championships, with the ambition of beating the Olympic team.

"I could've entered my age category and beat some bloke who works in Tesco's during the week," Wiggins told Bev Turner. "But to go up against British Olympians and try and get close to them, to see how close I can get to them, is a motivation in itself."

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The five-time Olympic cycling champion has been coached by James Cracknell since March, who has two Olympic golds of his own for efforts in the boat.

In an exclusive interview, the cyclist told Bev about his motivations.

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Wiggins said: "There's a few reports this week that I'm being pitched against the GB rowers at this indoor thing. I don't believe and I don't expect to beat any of them.

"I think they're incredible athletes and amazing at what they do. Just to be in the same race as them is an honour, and to see how close I can get to them.

"Unless you try something you'll never know if it's possible. I like the fact a lot of people have said it can't be done.

"When I'm training and doing these efforts and sitting there I have to have a motivation big enough in the background to make me do this. What's the point in doing it if it's just to keep fit?

"It's a dream and it's a big dream and I might not do it, but you can't win a raffle unless you buy a ticket."

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