Salmond Takes Aim At "Weird" Nigel Farage

23 June 2016, 23:59 | Updated: 22 August 2016, 15:31

Alex Salmond labelled Nigel Farage "weird" following the Ukip leader's post-referendum speech.

Mr Farage insisted "We will win this war" in a speech at the Leave.EU party in Westminster, but the the former Scotland First Minister was far from impressed.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Salmond said: "Nigel Farage in his speech said the feeling that Euro-scepticism was weird is gone forever.

"It's not Euro-scepticism that's weird, it's Nigel Farage that's weird.

"This was a man who conceded, then unconceded and now he's conceded again. Yet we've only just got the first result.

"He thinks the battle will go on, the war goes on etc. His departure from the political scene would be an excellent thing.

"My advice to Ukip would be ABF - anyone but Farage would be an improvement."