Watch As Teenage Fast-Food Workers Stand Up To Armed Gang

22 May 2019, 17:06 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:21

Two teenage fast-food workers have been praised for their bravery after standing up to armed robbers.

The brave pair refused to hand over cash when they were faced by a number of men, one reportedly armed with a knife.

Speaking about the shocking incident at El Paso Burrito Bar, Dungannon in Northern Ireland, 17-year-old Hannah Donnelly told local journalists what happened.

"They weren't ordering anything and we told them to leave but they just kept saying, 'oh I want to talk to you'," the 17-year-old told the press.

"Then one of the fellas came walking through to the staff only area and I told him to get out and that it was all being recorded on CCTV and police would be out"

"His friend then grabbed him and took him out to the front. Then he asked to speak to the boy, that was Aaron. Then he said to me, 'Listen to me very carefully, I've a pen knife in my left pocket and if you don't open that till I'll gut you like a fish' or something along those lines.

"I turned round and said to him, 'You're hardly serious' and he was ready for taking it out so Aaron told him to calm down and he ordered him to go to the till right now."

The owner of the fast-food outlet praised his staff for the "maturity and bravery" shown in the "face of adversity," he said it was a lot to admire. "I literally couldn't have been any more grateful for what they did but also angry that it happened."

Police said two men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery.