A Jewish man was allegedly hounded out of a show by Paul Currie.

Jewish audience member 'hounded out’ of Soho Theatre by comedian Paul Currie

8 days ago

Police intervened after a man threatened staff at a kosher shop in London

Knife-wielding 'attacker' forced from North London kosher supermarket 'after demanding staff talk about Palestine'

23 days ago

Rishi Sunak has condemned a rise in anti-Semitism

Rishi Sunak 'slams' despicable rise in anti-Semitism in UK ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day

28 days ago

Leicester Square

Victims of Leicester Square anti-Semitic attack demand police apology after 'being told to calm down on the phone'

29 days ago

Three people said they were attacked 'for being Jewish' in Leicester Square

Three friends 'attacked by 20 men' in Leicester Square 'for being Jewish' and 'called police 10 times'

1 month ago

Claudine Gay has resigned as Harvard president.

Harvard University’s president resigns following plagiarism accusations and furore over comments on anti-Semitism

1 month ago

The cyclist knocked off Jewish people's hats in North London

Hunt for cyclist who knocked off Jewish people's hats and assaulted child in North London

1 month ago

Anti-Semitic hate crimes rose sharply in the month after October 7

Hate crimes spike in major British cities after October 7 Hamas attacks, police figures show

1 month ago

Police are hunting for the man with the anti-Semitic 'Final Solution' sign

Hunt for Gaza protester holding anti-Semitic 'Final Solution' sign at London march

2 months ago

Queen Mary University of London

Jewish students at east London university 'subjected to Hitler jokes and threats of violence' by other students

2 months ago