Coronavirus LIVE: Social distancing is 'making a difference'

31 March 2020, 05:45 | Updated: 7 June 2023, 08:56

Brits have been warned to undertake essential travel only
Brits have been warned to undertake essential travel only. Picture: PA

The public are listening to Government advice to stay at home to keep pressure off the NHS, and there are early signs that it is working, the UK's chief scientific adviser has said.

Sir Patrick Vallance told a news conference that social distancing measures are "making a difference".

Transmission of coronavirus in the community is thought to be decreasing, which could mean fewer infections.

Meanwhile, one of Britain's most senior policemen is asking the public not to judge officers too harshly as they implement coronavirus lockdown measures.

Members of the public have raised issues with the way some forces are enforcing the lockdown rules - with complaints some are being fined £60 for going out to buy items deemed non-essential, or for going on a drive due to boredom.

1,408 people are now confirmed to have died in UK hospitals after testing positive for Covid-19, as of 5pm on Sunday.

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