Irish retailer's 2020 twist on a Christmas ad leaves audiences crying

12 November 2020, 15:03 | Updated: 7 June 2023, 08:56

The Christmas advert included a heartwarming Covid-themed twist
The Christmas advert included a heartwarming Covid-themed twist. Picture: Supervalu
Rachael Kennedy

By Rachael Kennedy

An Irish retailer's Christmas advert has been a hit on social media after its coronavirus-themed twist left viewers in tears.

The heartwarming video, released by supermarket chain SuperValu, has been viewed thousands of times and has garnered thousands more reactions since Wednesday.

It shows a boy, Conor, repeatedly asking his parents whether "he" is definitely coming this year amid all the restrictions against COVID-19.

Later writing a letter to his hoped-for visitor and leaving out a glass of milk and plate of mince pies, Conor eventually goes to bed on Christmas Eve, pleading for an incoming arrival.

Covid-themed Christmas advert takes social media by storm

A slam at the front door is eventually heard, and Conor is seen racing down the stairs to see the mystery guest: his grandfather.

"I knew you'd come," Conor screams as he runs in for a hug - something many across the world can relate to, having been kept separate from grandparents during a year of lockdowns.

"Oh dear, the kicker at the end makes you realise how much Covid has actually affected you, even if you thought it hadn't," one Twitter user said after watching the video.

Another added: "Oh my I'm in tears."

One user, who won't be going from for Christmas, wrote: "My son is also Conor, about the same age as this little boy.

"Sadly, sometimes belief isn't quite enough as we won't be seeing grandparents this year. We're staying in London to keep them safe.

"You can only imagine the tears here when I watched it!"

Ireland is currently in the midst of a six-week lockdown, due to end on 1 December.

This has resulted in the closure of most retail shops and has seen residents limited to travelling within a five-kilometre radius from their own.

Household mixing has been forbidden.