"My hospital doesn't have enough PPE - and two of my colleagues have died"

13 April 2020, 09:54 | Updated: 7 June 2023, 08:56

"My hospital doesn't have enough PPE. Now I have Covid-19 symptoms"

This caller told LBC that the hospital he works at doesn't have enough protective kit - and two of his colleagues have died this week of coronavirus.

Tom works at London's primary hospital for dealing with Covid-19 patients. As a security guard for A&E, he is the first person to have contact with patients who arrive at the hospital.

But he told Clive Bull he's never been given any masks or gowns, putting him at risk.

And now, he's been signed off, suspected of having the disease.

He said: "I work as security in A&E in one of the main hospitals in central London. We've been given no PPE whatsoever. The whole A&E department has run out today.

"As security, we're told we're at high risk of catching corona. Everyone in hospital has been given scrubs to wear, except security, who have been told to wear the same clothes, go home in those clothes and

"We've had two guards die of coronavirus in the last three days in the hospital. And 15 more catching suspected coronavirus, including myself. So now I'm sat at home in self-isolation."

Clive Bull heard from a hospital worker, who said there's not nearly enough PPE
Clive Bull heard from a hospital worker, who said there's not nearly enough PPE. Picture: LBC / PA

The NHS contracts out security roles and his company has been told they will not get any PPE - but Tom is still expected to meet patients at the entrance and even restrain them if they are causing a nuisance.

It was a shocking snapshot into the difficulties hospitals face during the coronavirus pandemic. Listen to his full call at the top of the page.

The government say they are doing everything they can to get the right protective equipment to the right people.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: "the quest is to get the right PPE to the right people on the frontline at the right time across many millions of people across the NHS and social care.

"I'm glad to say that that effort is moving in the right direction, but until everybody gets the PPE that they need we won't rest.

"We have thousands of people working on this 24/7 on this - including over this Bank Holiday weekend because the need and the demand for this PPE doesn't stop."