Peter Hitchens: Govt drug crackdown 'tripe marinated in bilge'

6 December 2021, 21:54

Ben Kentish gives take on new drug strategy

By Seán Hickey

Journalist Peter Hitchens insists that the government's fresh proposal to get hard on drug traffickers and dealers is entirely hot air.

Policing Minister Kit Malthouse today shared the government's plans to crackdown on the illegal drug trade in the UK by pumping money into police forces up and down the nation.

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"We've never had a war on drugs" Mail on Sunday journalist Peter Hitchens told Ben Kentish, dismissing the Policing Minister's plans as "another stunt."

He went on to note that the announcement that casual drug users could lose their passports if caught is "tripe marinated in bilge".

"The government has no plans to do anything serious about drugs at all.

James O'Brien sums up the PM's drug crackdown plans

"It will continue the policy it's had for a very long time of covert decriminalisation...and of utter weakness."

Mr Hitchens then hit out at softening perspectives on the cannabis trade, claiming it is a "fantastically dangerous drug" which causes "irreversible mental health illness" if abused.

"What do you think the government should be doing about it?" Ben countered.

The journalist suggested government should try "enforcing the existing law" and carry on "punishing the possession of drugs rather than just pursuing the suppliers of drugs."