The social care sector is suffering a growing staffing crisis, partly due to Brexit and the spread of the Omicron variant

Immigration rules relaxed for social care workers amid Brexit and Omicron staffing crisis

4 months ago

Government advisors have recommended that immigration rules on care worker jobs should be relaxed "immediately"

Govt advised to ease immigration rules for care workers 'immediately' amid staffing crisis

5 months ago

At least 27 people died when their small boat sank in the English Channel

Survivor of Channel tragedy: We held hands to try and stop each other drowning

5 months ago

The rescue operation has continued into Thursday morning

UK rescues more migrants hours after 27 die in worst ever Channel tragedy

5 months ago

The Albanian Ambassador has hit out at the Government and accused them of spreading "fake news"

'It's absolutely fake news': Albanian Ambassador says 'no talks' with UK over migrants

6 months ago

Dominic Raab has told Nick Ferrari the Government 'makes no apology' for plans to sent migrants abroad for processing

Raab confirms and 'makes no apology' for Govt plans to send migrants abroad for processing

6 months ago

The RNLI, as well as Border Force boats, brought around 1,000 people to the UK on Thursday

Brits 'have had enough' as record-breaking 1,200 migrants cross Channel in one day

6 months ago

More than 20,000 migrants have crossed the channel so far in 2021 - more than double the figure for 2020

Migrant dies in English channel as number of crossings hits record number

6 months ago

Gerald Darmanin said "not one euro has been paid" of the promised £54m the UK promised to France to help prevent migrant crossings

'Not one euro paid' of money promised to France to tackle migrant crossings - minister

7 months ago

A total of 1,959 people crossed the Channel in the week to September 10

Nearly 2,000 migrants arrived in the UK last week in new record for 2021

8 months ago