The number of migrants who have arrived in the UK so far in 2024 across the Channel has reached a record high

Record number of migrants cross English Channel in first three months of 2024

23 days ago

The new scheme is separate to the bill currently going through the House of Lords

Failed asylum seekers ‘to be offered thousands to move to Rwanda’ under new scheme drawn up by ministers

1 month ago

Staff said the increase relates to a greater number of Albanian children entering asylum hotels since the 2022 inspection.

UK border control is 'neither effective nor efficient', sacked watchdog says, with 147 child migrants still missing

1 month ago

The scam was reportedly worth £3million

British Airways supervisor 'on the run in India' after 'running £3m immigration scam' from Heathrow check-in desk

1 month ago

David Neal has been sacked by the Home Office

Home Office fires immigration chief inspector David Neal after claims about security risks at major London airport

1 month ago

A person has been charged with assisting illegal entry to the UK, after migrants were found in the back of a lorry at Newhaven ferry port, the Home Office has said

Person charged with assisting illegal entry to UK after migrants discovered in back of a lorry

2 months ago

Mass advertising campaigns will take place in Albania, Iraq, Egypt and Vietnam,

Albanian TikTok influencers to be paid thousands to warn migrants against crossing Channel in small boats

2 months ago

The UK population is set to rise significantly in the next few years

UK population 'to grow by equivalent of six Birminghams by 2036', as Tory MPs call for immigration to be capped

2 months ago

A group of people thought to be migrants crossing the Channel in a small boat traveling from the coast of France and heading in the direction of Dover

Nearly 6,000 migrants missing after asylum applications failed, Home Office admits

3 months ago

Rishi Sunak's Rwanda bill passed

Rishi Sunak warns Lords not to 'frustrate will of the people' over Rwanda plan as he brushes off no confidence votes

3 months ago