Rebecca Long-Bailey reveals she plays metal on electric guitar

6 March 2020, 11:55 | Updated: 6 March 2020, 13:21

By Fiona Jones

This is the moment Labour leader candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey revealed to LBC that she plays heavy metal on electric guitar.

LBC's Westminster reporter Ben Kentish asked the Labour hopeful what was the most exciting thing she'd ever done.

"Well I haven't run through a field of wheat like Theresa May," she said, referring to the same question asked of the former Prime Minister.

"I play the electric guitar, not many people know that," Ms Long-Bailey said, and when asked which genres she played, she said indie, metal and rock.

However she said she wouldn't ever get the electric guitar out in the Labour hustings.

"I don't think it'd be fair to subject people to that."