Mel Stride has backed the PM

Rishi Sunak has 'absolutely not' betrayed nation over Rwanda plan, insists minister after Braverman's attack on PM

5 months ago

The daughter of the Hotel Rwanda hero has called for the UK to drop its migrant deportation scheme

'Don't send them to a dictatorship': Daughter of tortured Hotel Rwanda hero demands end to 'unconscionable' migrant plan

5 months ago

The migrants were "screaming for help".

'I am finished': Haunting final words of migrants whose boat capsized in the English Channel, killing 27

5 months ago

File photo of Channel migrants

Inquiry launched into deaths of 27 victims of 'worst ever Channel migrant disaster' in November 2021

5 months ago

Tony Abbott says the government should consider "physical" blocks on people crossing the English Channel.

British government needs to 'show more courage' to stop migrant Channel crossings, ex Australian PM tells LBC

5 months ago

Small boat migrants will be moved out of 50 hotels by January, the Government has said

UK a 'laughing stock' for allowing migrants to 'get off boats and go straight into four-star hotels', minister says

5 months ago

Asylum seekers will be moved out of luxury hotels

Channel migrants to be moved out of 50 hotels by January in bid to slash £8m a day bill, Robert Jenrick says

5 months ago

First asylum seekers reboard Bibby Stockholm after coach driver nudges past Just Stop Oil protest

First asylum seekers reboard Bibby Stockholm after coach driver breaks through Just Stop Oil blockade

5 months ago

Rahimpur has been jailed for 11 years.

Iranian kingpin who smuggled 10,000 migrants to UK in Europe-wide criminal operation is jailed for 11 years

5 months ago

Migrants will soon be moved back onto the Bibby Stockholm.

Migrants to be moved back onto Bibby Stockholm after Home Office paid £300,000 a week for empty barge

6 months ago