A-level student 'can't eat or drink' after results meant she was denied medical school place

14 August 2020, 15:53

A-level student says she can't go to medical school because of downgrading

A student whose A-level results were downgraded, causing two medical schools to reject her, has said she "can't eat or drink"

Kaya was predicted to get four A* grades in her exams, and had been offered conditional places at both University College London and Cardiff to study medicine.

But when she opened her results on Thursday, Kaya had been downgraded to AABB, meaning her positions have been torn away from her, unless an appeal is successful and they can be increased.

She has spent the past two days gathered outside Downing Street to protest the downgrading, which has seen nearly two in five students have their predicted grades dropped.

"I'm livid," Kaya told LBC's Andrew Castle.

Students have taken to Downing Street in protest
Students have taken to Downing Street in protest. Picture: PA

"I've spent all day yesterday and today crying. It's put a huge strain on my mental health, I can't really eat any food or drink.

"I'm just trying to do anything I can to try and rectify it for myself and I'm more than happy to be a voice for people I know won't speak up.

"Starting from the very beginning with teachers predictions I think more should have been taken into account than just mocks or performance. Students should have been asked to submit work.

"We like to say that teachers know their students but teachers don't always know what students are doing outside of class and the improvements they've been making.

"I think it is discrimination that Scottish students have had a u-turn, and they're still applying to the same universities as us for the same courses as us."

Listen to Kaya's full conversation with Andrew above.