Coronavirus: England's roads set for busiest weekend of year as lockdown rules change

30 June 2020, 06:28

The motorways and roads are set to be packed this weekend
The motorways and roads are set to be packed this weekend. Picture: PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

There has been a warning this weekend could see England's roads the buriest of the year as the coronavirus lockdown rules are easy, according to a survey.

From Saturday the Covid-19 rules will change and people in England will be allowed to spend the night away from their own home for the first time in more than 100 days.

A survey of 1,400 drivers by the RAC found some 31 per cent of drivers, around 10.5 million, are set to use a car for an overnight trip.

The poll found 11 per cent will be staying over at a family member's home, eight per cent will be at a friend's home and six per cent will be under canvas and going camping.

Six per cent of respondents will be spending the weekend either at a caravan site, in self-catered accommodation or at a hotel, bed and breakfast or second home.

RAC Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis said: "These figures suggest that after 15 weeks of lockdown, a large proportion of drivers in England are desperate to reconnect with friends, family and indeed nature by staying overnight, be that in a house or on a camping or caravan site.

"This could lead to some busy conditions on the roads, with the location of queues likely to be dependent on just how far people travel.

"Motorways and major A-roads could end up taking the brunt of the traffic if people have longer distances to drive to see family and friends or to take a weekend break.

"While our research suggests weekend traffic could be the heaviest of the year so far, a breakdown has the potential to make matters even worse."

The RAC is advising motorists to carry out a series of checks before hitting the road, including tyre condition and pressure, and oil and coolant levels.